Come out of hiding


I’d like to encourage German entrepreneurs: Come out of hiding! It is a paradox that the Germans have so many hidden champions, but simply do not sell and present themselves adequately in a global comparison.

Good friends know that while I like to take the lead, I don’t really seek to be in the spotlight.


At NEURA Robotics, everyone knows who I am, of course. If only because of my hairstyle – which, by the way, I already had as a teenager. But I’m not at all at ease with flashbulbs. I found that out recently when photographers and designers accompanied me on my way through NEURA. They were all super nice people, please understand me correctly! But what could I have done in such a whole day everything meaningful and important! Instead: Photographed in a black blazer on a blue velvet chair, surrounded by my team in a white blazer, standing on a staircase, sitting at a desk – even with pizza boxes in the kitchen. Scene changes again and again. Pictures in front of the company headquarters and from production. Standing leg – playing leg, smile! Please don’t tense up and just naturally put your hand down a centimeter and maybe tilt your head a little? And always look nicely at the camera. And that with me! A Swabian who is reserved and down-to-earth and also wants to remain so.


So why do I give such importance to a photo shoot when there would be so much else to do? Well: Taking a stand in a morally troubled world is important to me. And statements that I make as a person should also be connected to and backed up by my face. For example, when I’m asked what will move Germany forward in the future and I make it clear again that we need to revive our innovative spirit, finally need a bit of courage and determination to get ahead. If we always just follow familiar paths, we won’t discover anything new. And if we then venture into unknown territory and are successful, then we need to trumpet louder so that the whole world knows!  Convincing others and carrying them away – this is only possible if you yourself believe in what you are doing and also show it – even sometimes in the spotlight or in front of the camera. I am convinced that I am also helping to make Germany more attractive again as a business location.


It’s a paradox that the Germans have so many hidden champions, but simply don’t sell and present themselves appropriately in a global comparison. Just driving from Metzingen to Stuttgart always makes me smile! Whomever you drive past there: the “little ones” who are actually really the greatest thing Baden-Württemberg has to offer. That’s something I do differently with NEURA Robotics. We’ve been doing a lot of public relations work since day one, we’re visible. And we’ll be stepping it up a few notches soon enough. Because in terms of visibility and self-confidence, I want to set new standards in Germany as a business location and also encourage other entrepreneurs: Dare to come out of the woodwork!


Today, much faster than expected, I am in the public eye as a person, I am asked for my opinion and people listen to me. For example, as an advisor in the Senate of the Economy or as the patron of the state-wide Founders’ Prize. Or when we surprise everyone again next year at Automatica. I am the face that represents the next generation of robotics – cognitive robotics. For that, it’s worth overcoming my own sensitivities and letting the professionals with the cameras do their job.


My goal wasn’t just to take good pictures for journalists or this website. I wanted people to experience the different aspects and moods of my everyday life, to maybe get to know me a little better. And our photographer really absolutely succeeded in capturing moments that show me as I am. Thank you for that!