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Today wasn’t just another great day at automatica, here in Munich. Today we were able to announce something that is likely to set more than just our industry buzzing.

Because the trade show is keeping me completely busy right now, forgive me for just quickly posting the official press release from NEURA Robotics here:




Till Reuter is convinced: Cognitive robotics is the future. The ex-Kuka boss joins the leadership team of NEURA Robotics and wants to ignite the international success turbo at full throttle.



Metzingen, June 23, 2022

Since the beginning of automatica 2022, NEURA Robotics has been shaking up the industry with world premieres. Now the Swabians are going one better and announcing a small sensation that is likely to cause a stir beyond the automation scene. Till Reuter, former CEO of Kuka and most recently Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the Müller Group, has literally let himself be carried away by the doer attitude of the robotics pioneers into a future that has already begun at the company’s site in Metzingen. With this decision, NEURA founder and CEO David Reger shows once again that he leaves nothing to chance on his way to becoming a world leader. The collaboration with Till Reuter is a signal that is understood in the automation scene, where no one had believed that Reuter would ever add another robotics chapter to his CV after the mega-success with Kuka.

Till Reuter left the industry years ago to sail in the fresh start-up wind as an investor and business angel and made a name for himself when he took over as chairman of the supervisory board at Müllermilch.
Now the experienced company leader is putting all his know-how and an impressive global network behind David Reger, who is 20 years younger – another indication of the potential of the cognitive robotics “Mady by Neura”. In record time, Reger’s team succeeded in closing major innovation gaps in robotics and laying the foundation for the everyday use of robots alongside humans.

With the goal of revolutionizing the world of robotics, David Reger attracted about 20 specialists and an investor to NEURA Robotics in 2019. After just three years, the Metzingen-based company presented the world’s first robot that, thanks to cognitive abilities and elementary senses such as seeing, hearing and feeling, is able to act and learn independently – in almost any environment.

Till Reuter has been carried away by the spirit in Metzingen and is “enthusiastic about the business model and the technologies at Neura Robotics. He is convinced that NEURA-Robotics “provides answers to quite a few questions of modern, social society.”

David Reger is looking forward to Reuter’s involvement. “We have already proven that we can shake up an entire industry with fresh thinking and innovative ideas. Now, with Till, we are adding an immeasurable wealth of experience that will safeguard our rapid growth and ensure even more trust worldwide.”

David Reger is certain that the collaboration with Till Reuter – who insiders also call “Mister Robotics” – will usher in a quantum leap in building the global “neuraverse”.

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